Corporate Clients

Rose Partners exists protect your People, Property and Assets internationally.

Our in-house security team and contractor (or contracted) specialists come with a wealth of experience in the insurance, banking, energy, mining, manufacturing, entertainment, hotel and luxury lifestyle sectors.

We understand the commercial imperatives and pressures that drive the requirement for security services and are well placed to help businesses address the risks they face throughout the world. Rose Partners provides expert analysis and consultancy services as well as practical on the ground protection and support on a wide range of security issues:

  • Reviewing existing security procedures or preparing new policies and procedures.
  • Threat and risk assessments.
  • Security design services.
  • Close protection services.
  • Support for facilities closures or downsizing.
  • Travel security management, including training workshops.
  • Corporate Investigations.
  • Insurance review and mitigation.
  • Cyber and technological security.
  • Recruitment of security managers and other security personnel.
  • Board level Intelligence support.
  • Crisis management planning and support.

Duty of Care

We understand and can provide advice on the duty of care that businesses owe to their employees, contractors and other stakeholders. We can provide expert advice about the security procedures that should be followed and the security measures that should be put in place to discharge a business’ duty of care.

Our Approach

Keeping your ultimate objectives in mind, we shape our approach around you as our client.

Our Services

We help you remain effective and ahead of the game, freeing you to apply your efforts where they are needed most.

Our Team

A highly capable and widely experienced blend of in-house talent and world class service providers.