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What are background checks?

In the broadest sense, background checks are used to verify an employee’s or prospective
employee’s identity, probity (honesty and decency) and integrity (their moral and ethical standards)
to ensure that they are who they say they are and can be trusted in the conduct of their work.

The rationale for carrying out background checks

In the past, for those employees requiring background checking, a criminal records check (CRB) –
now known as a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check – and verification of a person’s
employment record was regarded as adequate.

There is an increased demand now for background checking of employees. Employers are becoming
increasingly responsible for ensuring that the person they are employing is who they say they are
and that that person is fit and proper to work, particularly when employees are being placed in
positions of trust with clients and other parties. This responsibility has become ever more
challenging because of the freedom of movement within the EU and the capability of unscrupulous
people to falsify records.

A DBS check only take in to account UK criminal records. This check is of little value if a potential
employee has only recently arrived in the UK. It does not verify a person’s right to work or the
integrity of the information they provide to employers.

The extended background checks we carry out access a large number of data bases and interrogate
open source information on the Internet. We utilise the latest technology to search multiple data
bases and cross reference the searches to provide thoroughly comprehensive background checks.
We deliver piece of mind to an employer that the people they are engaging and placing in positions
of trust are who they say they are.

How our Extended Background Checks Work

A traditional staff background check consists of a DBS (criminal record) check, photographic ID and a
CV with referees. The problem with these checks is that they don’t reliably confirm the identity and
integrity of persons being checked.

  • A DBS check only examines criminal databases in the UK and only for a relatively short period
    of a person’s life. It doesn’t tell you about criminal activity overseas or criminal activity for
    which a person has not been convicted.
  • Photographic ID can be forged relatively easily and very few employers go to the trouble of
    verifying the authenticity of documents.
  • CVs, as we all know, are often falsified and references cannot be relied upon.


So how do we eliminate these pit falls?


“In Q1 of 2016, the government issued £14,085,000 of fines across a total of 838 penalties among 1195 illegal works found.”

Our process

Potential employees who wish to take part in the extended background check will be required to provide the following documentation for verification:

  • Both sides of National Identity cards.
  • Photo page of passport.
  • UK photo driving licence or overseas photo driving licence.
  • Proof of residence at a UK address (two documents from the following:
    • council tax bill;
    • water rates bill;
    • telephone bill;
    • utilities bill;
    • bank statement.

With the exception of the council tax bill and water rates bill these documents should
be no more than 90 days old. The council tax and water rates bills should be the most
recent available.

  • Landline telephone number at place of residence
  • UK mobile phone number.

The authenticity of all International governmental documents will be verified using specialist MRZ
(Machine Readable Zone) and facial recognition software.

Telephone numbers will be verified as owned by and legitimately acquired, along with the length of
time of ownership.

Once we have satisfied ourselves that the documents are in fact real, we will then look at the details
contained within them.

We check the identity of each person by verifying the following:

  • Mortality – Has the person assumed the identity of a deceased individual?
  • Address – Do they in fact live at their stated address
  • Salacious name – Is the person using a fictitious name
  • Is the given address consistent with the address on official records such as their driving

The next stage is to scrutinize the individual to determine their integrity. We do this by checking
financial records, including:

  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy
  • Company directorships and disqualified directors
  • Business Ownership, management, financial history
  • Credit records

We check international records to ensure that applicants are not listed as politically exposed persons
and are not on sanctions listings.

Finally, having satisfied ourselves as to a person’s identity and integrity, we carry out an umbrella
check to provide an additional level of confidence in our findings. We check each person’s social media
footprint to ensure that it is consistent. This check is not routinely carried out by other background
checking services.

If we find any inconsistencies in the information provided we seek to explain them by asking for
additional information to be submitted. If we are still not satisfied and believe that a person’s identify
and integrity might be able to be verified we invite that person to an interview with a senior member
of our team, allowing them a chance to explain their situation.

We hope you will agree that Rose Partners’ Extended Background Checks will leave you in no doubt
about the identity and integrity of the people you seek to employ and you will have satisfied any
company due diligence policies.

We are able to provide our checks at a fraction of the price of our competitors, without compromising
on the quality of the checks. We have been able to do this by developing an integrated aggregation
system that removes the need for junior analyst and the costs associated with them and allows us
to have experienced senior people scrutinise all reports and confirm recommendations before they
are sent to you.

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