Close Protection Services

Whatever your close protection requirements Rose Partners has the capacity to meet your needs.

We have a team of consultants with a vast amount of experience in providing close protection to corporate executives, high net worth individuals, the famous and their families.

We have operated in the most challenging environments. We draw on open source, deep web and on-the-ground local knowledge to ensure that all risks are identified, monitored, assessed and mitigated. We offer discreet but comprehensive protection for the duration of a visit or for any other period of time close security is required. Our close protection teams are professionally managed on the ground and liaise closely with clients to ensure that they can go about their work and enjoy leisure with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Assessing risk.
  • Preparing routine and contingency plans.
  • Monitoring ongoing threats.
  • Managing travel and static location security.
  • Providing executive/close protection personnel.

All of our close protection personnel are appropriately trained. They come from military and law enforcement backgrounds and, as such, all have extensive close protection experience.

Our Approach

Keeping your ultimate objectives in mind, we shape our approach around you as our client.

Our Services

We help you remain effective and ahead of the game, freeing you to apply your efforts where they are needed most.

Our Team

A highly capable and widely experienced blend of in-house talent and world class service providers.