Crisis Management

Crises are to some extent predictable and their impact can be mitigated by having effective plans in place and rehearsing them.

Our consultants can prepare effective crisis management plans at the corporate and site or project level and help integrate them into management structures.

We can provide authoritative advice about the composition of crisis management teams, effective escalation procedures to ensure that incidents are identified promptly and managed effectively and procedures for communicating with external and internal stakeholders. We can review existing plans and procedures to ensure that they are appropriate and advise on any improvements that should be made to bring them to best practice.

A key element of effective crisis management is the preparedness of personnel to manage a crisis when it happens. We can conduct workshops or simulated exercises to test the response capabilities of businesses and identify weaknesses.

  • With crisis management planning
  • Respond to serious and significant security incidents.

Our crisis management consultants are all experienced in handling major incidents such as kidnaps, large scale industrial accidents, sieges, activist extremism and terrorist attacks.

Crisis Reponse

In the event of a crisis our consultants can provide specialist support to help businesses respond effectively.


Crises are to some extent predictable and their impact can be mitigated by having in place and rehearsing effective plans.

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