Security Risk Consulting

Rose Partners understands that risk assessments are a means to an end; their purpose being to focus security measures appropriately to reduce risks to acceptable levels.

Our consultants have reviewed pretty much every type of property in the public and private sectors including private residences, hotels, factories, ports, mine sites, office complexes, data centres and banks.

We carry out risk assessments to help our clients to:

  • Identify and assess strategic risks to inform long term planning and the development of security policies and standards.
  • Identify and assess the risks associated with change through acquisition or restructuring.
  • Understand the risks to individual sites or asset clusters to inform the preparation of site security plans and the implementation of appropriate security measures.
  • Deliver the right level and type of security for projects, travel and events.

Our risk assessments utilise internationally accepted methodology. We identify the people and/or property at risk; identify and assess threats; review the effectiveness of existing mitigation measures; and determine the level and nature of risk.

Threat Assessments

Every risk assessment is dependent on an understanding of the principal threats. Through a combination of online and local source information we are able to identify and assess historical threats and to gather real time information to provide a comprehensive understanding of the threat environment.

Risk Assessments

Our consultants have extensive experience in carrying out security risk assessments for large corporations, SMEs, NGOs, international organisations, governments and private individuals. We can help you to understand the likely effect of political, operational and security risks on your business.

Treatment of Risk

We have extensive experience in managing political, operational and security risks wherever you are operating.  We can advise whether you should seek to tolerate the risks you face – transfer the risk through insurance, or mitigate risks yourself – through the preparation of site or travel security plans, by implementing physical or technical security, using guards, providing advice to your staff or tightening up existing procedures. We take a pragmatic approach, cognisant of commercial, legislative and industry pressures.


Rose Partners can review all elements of security – measured against a given set of standards or objectives or against best practice.

Our Approach

Keeping your ultimate objectives in mind, we shape our approach around you as our client.

Our Services

We help you remain effective and ahead of the game, freeing you to apply your efforts where they are needed most.

Our Team

A highly capable and widely experienced blend of in-house talent and world class service providers.