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Rose Partners
- Team, Mission & Values

Employing some of the most accomplished professionals and suppliers from the UK and around the world, we help governments and commercial organisations solve problems alongside our industry specific subject matter experts.

 Our Management Team

Sean Crawford


Sean is a Founding Partner of Rose Partners. He is a seasoned Security Director, with extensive experience in the provision of international risk management. He has worked very closely with government departments and commercial agencies in the overseas operations and policy arena.


A highly experienced professional with a strong background in systematic and controlled clearance of hazardous areas. Sean possesses notable expertise having cleared the Kuwait oil fields and key areas within Kuwait after their destruction during the first Gulf War, acquiring extensive knowledge in identifying and removing known hazards while ensuring safe access and movement around these key areas.


Prior to joining Rose Partners Sean worked for a major risk consultancy supporting international engagements throughout EMEA. Sean provides operational oversight on all projects within the Rose Partners portfolio.

Our Mission

Our clients are our priority; using our far-reaching experience in delivering first class support, our mission is to exceed expectations by delivering high quality tailored solutions and value for money.

Our Vision

To be the go-to trusted strategic capacity and capability building consultancy for our client network and in doing so create safe and sustainable local opportunities and growth.

Values and Behaviours

Rose Partners is proud of its reputation for delivering positive results in often challenging environments. Our professional and ethical reputation depends upon the consistently good values and behaviours of every member of our team. We hold each other to the highest of standards to keep building it.

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We treat others as we want to be treated - with courtesy, consideration and tact.

Trustworthy & Respectful

Trust and respect run both ways. We exercise them to earn them.


We listen attentively. We take the time to explain. We motivate others to do what we need them to do.

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We meet our obligations fully and embrace all opportunities to contribute.


A Force For Good

We do no harm. We strive to achieve positive social change in all we do.


We strive to see situations from others’ perspectives, to inform what we say and do.

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We are unfailingly honest and consistently adhere to strong principles.


We show consistency of words, actions and expectations while continuously improving with a learning mindset.

Client FIrst

We are prepared to speak up for and do what we know to be right in the best interests of the client or success of a project, even when it might be easier to stay quiet, take short cuts or fall back on existing templates.

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 We stay positive, committed and focused on achieving the aim, even in adversity.


We are observant. We take time to understand our environment and those within it.

Client FIrst

We can quickly change course when circumstances require it to achieve our objectives. Is actually Flexibility, not Client Centricity/First

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We strive for and deliver the highest standards and results in all that we do.


We set the leading example that we wish to see others follow.

Continuously Improving

We are always building on our personal and organisational skills and techniques.

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