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We have many examples and scenarios demonstrating real case studies from around the world. Below are only four such examples. Please make an enquiry if you'd like to know more.

Security Sector Reform

Rose Partners was tasked with implementing a programme of strategic support for a Government Department.

This long-term project required us to work closely with the Minister and senior leadership at all levels across the organisation to assess the structure of policing in the country and provide mentoring, training and ongoing support to implement change. The project focused on creating the right size and shape of structures based on developing strategies that meet the needs of a modern-day policing organisation.

This focussed on the development of a national strategic threat assessment which in turn led to the creation of the following strategies:

  • Counterterrorism; the combating of illegal migration including people trafficking (serious and organised crime strategy);

  • A national intelligence strategy and model; and the management of the country’s large stockpile of unexploded ordnance including remnants of war.


We built on these by designing a new national police model and a comprehensive change management plan to deliver, over time, the strategies, the new model and new ways of working.

Security Sector Reform (SSR) is about fundamental change, in this case to a police organisation and the Ministry it sits within. Community frontline police are the most visible presence of civil security architecture; this was a key focus along with the development of capabilities and capacity to improve public trust and interoperability.

Other priorities were mainstreaming human rights and gender programmes, coordinating international donors, establishing training centres, introducing professional standards, advancing merit-based leadership programmes, investigations and intelligence – and prioritising recruitment and retention of personnel as well as fighting corruption.

Aviation Infrastructure

A Government client approached Rose Partners to seek assistance in redeveloping an existing air base. Rose Partners was selected to build a world class consortium of air traffic control, air traffic engineering, training and civil engineering companies to ensure the client received a fit for purpose, market leading programme.


This challenging project utilised the deep knowledge and skills of Rose Partner's aviation experts; from design, through to delivery, build and integration. Rose Partners used world leading experts to ensure the successful delivery of an air base with an initial operating capability. Rose Partners further supported by introducing and assisting in securing necessary funding by UK Export Finance, allowing the project budget to deliver greater impact for the nation.

Operational Resilience

Market entry support – Rose Partners supported a global manufacturing business through its takeover of a regional manufacturer.

We carried out extensive business intelligence, investigations and due diligence on key figures related to the takeover and sent a small team to carry out a risk assessment of the manufacturing and administration sites, national supply chain and delivery network as well as the nationwide retail outlets that were to be acquired.

The risk assessment involved a comprehensive analysis of political and security-related risks to the client’s proposed sites and operations. It also included a detailed review of cyber, physical and technical security, security management, procedures covering their static sites and extensive transport arrangements.

Presenting to their executive leadership team, we provided an assessment of the immediate risks and challenges of the proposed market entry. Once the takeover was agreed, we provided strategic, operational and tactical briefings to the client’s first in country teams facilitating the takeover and advice about appropriate accommodation and life support to allow them to operate safely and securely during visits.


Rose Partners was referred to a government with a strategic priority to procure leading edge technology and equipment. The priority engagement was to ensure the continued secure operation of its assets worldwide, the procurement of much needed technology, acquisition of the latest software to support information management and training on all the equipment to be received.


Rose Partners worked closely with the client to understand their future technology needs, integration and interoperability requirements. Using its global network of suppliers Rose Partners was asked to procure and deliver the complete and comprehensive package for the client and, in doing so, support the implementation and training plus provide on-going support to the Ministry.

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