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Supporting Governments to develop their capabilities and infrastructure

Our team of experts have delivered a range of services and programmes around the world. From security sector reform to post conflict reconstruction. Our strong relationships and knowhow enable us to work at the highest levels and, where a project qualifies, to assist in accessing preferential finance.

Infrastructure Development

From design through to implementation, Rose Partners leverages its broad industry experience and knowledge in supporting infrastructure development and rehabilitation. Rose Partners teams have delivered on major civil engineering programmes from airport upgrades, bridge and road construction through to rapid deployment of modular buildings. Rose Partners has a track record of collaboratively helping clients solve their unique problems.

Consortia Building

Rose Partners’ strengths are founded on our deep and trusted network of advisors, industry specialists and local partners. Using this extensive group of thought and experience leaders, Rose Partners has built strong consortia to meet the challenging and diverse range of programmes for our clients.


The consortia built by Rose provide multiple benefits for our commercial or governmental clients, not least in gaining access to markets that they cannot access alone or in driving competitively priced projects that answer the needs of the client rather than of the companies selling to them.


As a prime contractor, Rose Partners drives defined objectives, efficiencies, transparency, trust and value within our consortia – for the benefit of our partners, ensuring successful programmes from inception to build and handover to the client. 

Infrastructure Dev
Capacity and Capability Building

Capacity & Capability Building

Rose Partners has extensive experience in supporting governments’ needs to enhance capacity and capability within their respective institutions. We provide strategic discover, design and deliver programmes for training and use embedded subject matter experts to provide mentoring.

Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)

Infrastructure assets are vital to the continued delivery of the essential services upon which society relies, the loss or compromise of which can lead to severe economic or social consequences, including the breakdown in law and order.


Rose Partners has extensive experience in working at a business to government level in identifying key critical national infrastructure, developing the strategies, policies, and procedures to secure them and in turn, working with government institutions in developing the capabilities and capacity to secure them through procurement and training services.


Rose Partners works closely with host governments in defining operational requirements that help organisations make cost effective protective security investments, enabling them to implement measures which are in proportion to the threats and risks they face.


This process enables a nation’s quality of life, and economic progression by driving growth, creating jobs, providing stability and security.



Rose Partners supports both government and commercial partners in the procurement process. Bringing together our experience of tender management and consortia building, Rose partners has extensive experience in equipment procurement and installation, aviation management and civil engineering

We work with our partners to understand their needs, develop the specifications and tender documentation and then manage the subsequent processes through to delivery. We work on behalf of our partners to conduct the research if required; in doing so, we evaluate and compare products and services to determine which best meet the client's needs.

From sourcing through to shipping and delivery, Rose Partners has worked in some of the most challenging locations around the world. We have worked with our partners not only to source the services or goods required but to provide training and support in consultation with the equipment and/or service suppliers.

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