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We help build secure, compliant and resilient organisations across the globe

The Rose Partners team has worked across a broad range of commercial organisations and with high net worth individuals. In doing so we bring deep knowledge and understanding to build high performing teams, solve complex challenges, build resilient organisations and understand the dynamic threat environment with the risks it presents.

Operational Resilience

We put operational resilience at the core of everything we do because we understand the impact outside forces can have on the day-to-day running of any business, charity or organisation. From crisis planning, preparation and training, to crisis response, business continuity and recovery, Rose Partners consultants have worked for some of the world’s largest blue-chip companies and bring up-to-date first-hand knowledge, from the Boardroom to the factory floor, in delivering resilient organisations.

Operational Resilience
Biz Intlligence

Business Intelligence

Rose Partners’ business intelligence service provides insight and risk assessment on suppliers, competitors, markets, and governments. We support clients working in, or seeking to work in, both emerging and established markets worldwide. We have a team of specialists with expertise in programming and investigative due diligence, corporate culture checks and competitor intelligence.


Cyber Security

Rose Partners has extensive experience in providing scalable and cost-effective solutions to secure our clients’ IT infrastructure and their valuable information. From understanding the threats and risk, assessing the vulnerabilities, we recognise what is at risk for our clients and take appropriate technical measures to secure it.


These measures fit the needs of our clients’ respective businesses and some of these solutions are not necessarily expensive or onerous. Rose Partners understands that people are usually the weakest point in any information system and that procedures, training and awareness are vital to ensure there is collective responsibility for security.

Risk & Organisation Design

Risk and Organisation Design, Governance and Management

Rose Partners has a wealth of expertise and experience in enterprise security risk management, ranging from running strategic and operational risk assessments, technical security sweeps and technical installation, to preparing policies, procedures and plans.


Our consultants have an extensive understanding of the risk process and, importantly, how to demonstrate to corporate leadership the value of investing in managing risk.

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